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Meditation Hamburg

Welcome to my Practice for Integral Online Hypnotherapy

In 1:1 online sessions, you receive hypnotherapy and counselling services that support you in coping with personal mental-emotional challenges, relationship problems and the numerous mountains of practical life demands.

I work with a holistic approach that includes the body with its nervous system, your emotions, thoughts and beliefs, as well as your own actions. That is why I combine online hypnotherapy with Meditation and, if desired, with Usui Reiki.

Integrative and cause-oriented Online Hypnotherapy

Online Hypnotherapy in addition with a holistic view can support you to recognise the deeper causes of negative emotional and behavioural patterns, to deal with them and to let them go.

The sessions also provide a space to experience who we are beyond our thoughts, feelings and body. In this process we can get new impulses and inspiration for the next steps and an inner attitude with more joy, serenity and peace in everyday life.

The sessions can be a support with:

self-esteem deficits
relationship conflicts
depressive moods
restlessness, stress & exhaustion
high sensitivity
grief, loss and separation
worries, doubts and fears


For whom is Online Hypnotherapy suitable?

The sessions are suitable for all people who want to let go of personally limiting emotions and conditioning as well as obstructive ways of acting.

Some clients have already established psychotherapy, coaching or other healing methods, their own meditation practice or relaxation techniques, but they want to look deeper or are looking for long-term holistic accompaniment in the ongoing process to develop a more serene way of dealing with their own feelings and thoughts.

Others come into contact with techniques of therapy and meditation for the first time and integrate them into their everyday life as helpful new methods to be more relaxed and authentic.

What is important is the willingness to really want to change something.

1:1 Sessions Online or in Person

Languages: English and German

Client Feedback

Online Hypnotherapy in combination with a holistic approach serves to...

  • become more aware of your own feelings, thoughts and actions
  • understand the bigger picture in terms of recurring challenges and conflicts
  • keep the focus and continue on the path of Self-awareness
  • arrive at oneself
  • strengthen a culture of mindfulness, connectedness and compassion within yourself and in society
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10 percent of the proceeds are donated to Viva con Aqua. The organisation promotes humane access to clean drinking water worldwide.
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