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M.A. Wiebke Meyerding

Born 1984, working with hypnotherapy over 10 years. Over 15 years of experience with various methods of working with consciousness and healing techniques. Training in clinical and dissolving cognitive behavioural therapy, talk therapy, hypnosis therapy, various forms of meditation as well as body and energy work. Many years of meditation practice in everyday life and in retreat.

Running a practice for hypnotherapy and behavioural therapy in Hamburg Germany. Previously member of a group practice and an institute for medical-therapeutic hypnosis with an affiliated practice with a focus on depression, anxiety and self-esteem problems. She also worked there as a co-trainer in hypnosis training for doctors, psychologists and alternative practitioners.

Member of the Association of Independent Psychotherapists.
Living with her husband, son and dog in Hamburg.



What causes emotional-mental suffering? How can self-healing power be activated? And how do we keep our psyche healthy in the long term? It is not uncommon to look for blanket answers to these questions, but the solutions are usually different for each person.

Therefore, in the online hypnotherapy sessions I work individually with each client. In my opinion, the personal history, the specific perception and the own process of each person are decisive.

At the same time, I practice according to a holistic approach that goes beyond the body, thoughts and feelings to consider what is called as our „essence“ or „true nature“.



My concern is to give support in getting back in touch with your intuitive inner voice, your own resources and abilities and to trust yourself. For this, the self-motivation to honestly look and feel is essential. I ask my clients to understand that every healing process is individual and requires time and patience.

The sessions support you in identifying hindering feelings and thoughts, processing painful experiences and dealing with personal challenges.

I regularly take part in further therapeutic training and supervision and am networked with psychological psychotherapists, doctors and alternative practitioners with whom I am in regular exchange.

Training and further education

  • State-certified non-medical psychological practitioner / alternative practitioner for psychotherapy
  • Specialist training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Naturopathic Academy Germany)
  • Scientific training in hypnotherapeutic approaches: Basic training in hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis, intensive training in therapeutic hypnosis according to Milton Erikson and generally recognised therapeutic guidelines and standards.
  • Training as meditation teacher, recognised by DGAM – German Society for Alternative Medicine
  • Studied Humanities (Master of Arts, Humboldt University Berlin, Queen’s University Belfast)


Further training courses

  • Hypnotherapeutic approaches to depression and burnout (Milton Erikson Institute, Hamburg)
  • Seminar „Shame & Embarrassment“ (Milton Erikson Institute, Hamburg)
  • Seminar „Grief & Loss“ (Milton Erikson Institute, Hamburg)
  • Seminar „Psychosomatics & Pain“ (Milton Erikson Institute, Hamburg)
  • Talk therapy according to Rogers (Grüne Schule, Hamburg)
  • Workshop Esalen Body Therapy
  • Reiki I, II and Master Degree in the initiation lineage Mikao Usui, Hayashi, Takata, Furumoto, Helbing, Gilgen, Popat

Integral Online Hypnotherapy

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