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Client Feedback

„A few years ago my life went a little off track! I had a lot to do with depression and lack of self-esteem and unfortunately lost my joy in life at times. After a failed talk therapy, I decided to seek therapy with Wiebke. After the preliminary talk, I immediately trusted her and felt understood and in good hands. Together we worked through my negative experiences and problems. Now after a few months I can say that I simply feel free again and bit by bit I have started to live my life again. I have found my self-esteem again. I would turn to Wiebke again at any time if I had problems and can highly recommend the counselling with her.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your great work with my wife. I have noticed in the last few weeks how things are slowly going uphill and I have the feeling that she is already on a pretty good path again. We would not have been able to achieve these successes so quickly without your remarkable work. I am very grateful to you for that – and my wife, of course, too … :-)”


“I myself have been working as a medical psychotherapist for decades, but with Wiebke as my therapist I have once again been able to make a quantum leap in my personal development! With an unbelievable empathy, Wiebke succeeded in introducing me to unresolved feelings that were still burdening my life and to bring them to a healing processing and to dissolve them sustainably. This naturally requires a great deal of trust in the therapist. I had this immediately with the empathic and clever young woman! Thank you very much Wiebke!”


“After several preliminary discussions with other therapists in Hamburg, I finally had the feeling that I could build trust with Wiebke and that I was at the right address. Her wealth of experience, her empathy as well as her sympathetic manner was worth its weight in gold for me. I was very impressed with how quickly Wiebke was able to get an understanding of my long-standing anxiety disorder as well as my personality. I have come a long way with her and I am sure I am finally on the right track. I will continue to work with Wiebke for further sessions.”


“I was surprised how much was resolved in such a short time and what positive effects this had on many areas of life. I allowed difficult issues to come up for me in psychotherapy, which I was then able to work on because I knew Wiebke would catch it. She quickly manages to create a very trusting atmosphere. She describes each step very precisely and guides you most competently through the sessions. Her warm and open manner makes it easy to get involved. Today, for the first time, I am in a relationship with a man who is actually not an asshole.“


“My experience with counselling with Wiebke is very impressive for me. She is a smart, empathic woman who created a trusting atmosphere for me through her personality alone. Wiebke helped me to consciously relive and feel past experiences and then bring the situation to a positive conclusion. I left the practice after each session with a very good feeling of having given my life a push in the right direction. I became clearer in my decisions, more calm and cheerful.“


“ I was unable to open up for years after a painful breakup with my partner. I repressed many emotions, simply wanted to appear strong on the outside, but felt small and worthless on the inside. Wiebke very quickly grasped my problem, responded to me with understanding and helped me to gain new courage and confidence. In the counselling sessions I was able to gradually allow Wiebke to gently open doors to my repressed emotions. Finally I was able to show myself to its energy thieves: fear and worthlessness, to let these negative feelings be there, and then to work through them finally and with the intelligent and empathetic help Wiebke.“


„Thank you very much for the insightful sessions, Wiebke!“


„I wanted to thank you for helping me through my studies. The exam went well and I have now also received the news that I passed. So, thank you for that, you were a great help. Keep up the good work!“


„Every time I had to do something that I felt was important, I noticed the tension already in the morning that spread through my body and increased stomach pains. At some point I no longer felt comfortable in the company of other people and stayed home alone most of the time. Because here I didn’t have to worry about what others might think about me, I didn’t have to please anyone, and I could escape from outside pressure and the feeling of „you have to function.“ I was hiding and everything was just negative pressure. My relationship also suffered a lot. Through the sensitive work with Wiebke, I was able to work through old childhood memories, increase my self-esteem, bring out positive qualities again, reduce my fears and thereby get rid of my inner tension and nervousness. The knots in my stomach were literally loosened and my stomach pains were gone. Today? – I feel good, I am cheerful again and I take an active part in life again. I go running again, I go kayaking, I am no longer afraid of other people and I feel good and free! Life is fun again!“


„I would like to thank you again! It is such a feeling of happiness! Thank you!“


„Thank you so much for the sensitive and professional online counselling, which had given me a huge boost in my personal development.“