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Development of potential and meditation

Potential development and meditation | Online Counselling

Many people interpret the turbulent times in which we find ourselves as a turning point. We can use the quality of the time we are in now to develop our potential.  

To do this, it is important to understand what is meant by „potential development“. It is about accepting the invitation to discover and develop specific human qualities within ourselves. Not to become better or more efficient, but to be freer and more authentic.

Because we are not separate from the essence, all the beneficial qualities are also already present in every human being. In this context, it could be said that „the change“ is already there. However, we find it difficult to live these qualities in presence because destructive beliefs inhibit us and negative patterns in our feeling, thinking and acting hinder us in different ways.  

Our human potential consists of…

  • Assertiveness, determination and courage
    instead of anger, power or helplessness

  • Devotion, love, acceptance and gratitude
    instead of helper syndrome, closed-mindedness, defensiveness and offendedness
  • Creativity, caring, humility and kindness
    instead of destruction, aversion and hatred
  • Loyalty, respect, trust and solidarity
    instead of mistrust, competition, envy and greed

  • Integration, wholeness and healing
    instead of division, separation and illness
  • Lust, relatability, passion and sensuality
    instead of inertia, dullness and disinterest

  • Fullness, truth, self-expression, and creativity
    instead of emptiness, falsification and lack of imagination

  • Renewal, growth and self-development
    instead of stagnation, humiliation and restriction

  • Tolerance, serenity and contentment
    instead of discrimination, impatience and frustration

  • Self-empowerment, dignity and wisdom
    instead of selfishness, devaluation and ignorance

How can we get there as human beings to live this potential in balance? It is not possible without discernment and our personal continuous action. Self-enquiry and meditation are essential on the individual path of self-knowledge.

It is also crucial that we cannot walk the path alone.
The change in us is already there, but to live it needs new courage and determination as well as patience and time. As human beings we also need each other to mirror our shadow sides to each other. In order to then discover our true qualities behind them and gradually embody them.


Foto by Carlos de Miguel


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