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Email Counselling

Sometimes we need support in coping with our thoughts and emotions, relationship conflicts or other personal challenges in everyday life. In order to reflect on oneself and structure personal issues, it helps most people to write down what is on their mind.

This can concern a current challenge or a situation from the past that has not yet been completed internally. Writing something off your chest can be a great relief. Receiving a therapeutic email can help to identify the deeper causes of negative emotions, behavioural patterns or seemingly stuck situations and get an impulse for the next personal steps.


Which topics are suitable for email counselling?

The consultations do not replace medical advice or treatment. In severe acute crises, please consult your doctor.

How does Email Counselling work?

Email Short Counselling

You describe a specific topic or a clear constellation of problems that you would like to work on by email. If necessary, I will ask you questions and send you a final recommendation within 48 hours (Monday-Friday). I take half an hour for each email.
Fee: 2-3 consulting emails 180€


Email long-term counselling

Email long-term counselling offers the possibility to engage in a longer written counselling process.
In the first email you describe your concerns. I ask you questions and send you recommendations, exercises, impulses and interventions within 10 emails. I answer your emails within 48 hours (Monday-Friday). I take half an hour for each email.
Fee: 10 consulting emails 540€ (duration 5 months)


Payment can be made via PayPal. The amount will be transferred before the start of the consultation.

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