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Kali Meditation Gawain

Instruction Kali Meditation | Integral Online Hypnotherapy

The goddess Kali stands for a certain aspect or a universal force to which we can open ourselves. She is the goddess of destruction as well as of renewal and new beginnings.

Her destructive power is not directed against human beings. She directs her transformative energy against demons, injustice, ignorance and restrictive attachments to pave the way for redemption or self-realisation.

The Kali Meditation is an intense and active meditation. It invites us to consciously connect with the power of destruction within us and to honour it in order to let go of the old, also to bring about radical change and make room for the new.  

This meditation is about consciously experiencing and expressing one’s own destructive power in order to no longer carry pent-up emotions such as resentment, anger, rage and emerging destructive feelings into everyday life. Connecting with the Kali force has a profound, cleansing and renewing effect.

What is needed for the Kali Meditation?

About 1 hour of time is needed and an undisturbed room with enough space where it is allowed to get noisy. If this is not possible, a cushion can be used for the second phase of the meditation. It is advantageous to use a blindfold during meditation in order to stay more in one’s own process. A CD with accompanying music that helps with the process and marks the different phases is available commercially.

Kali Meditation Instructions

Phase 1: Breathing phase
Duration: 10 minutes
Intention: Opening the emotional body so that destructive energies can be expressed.

The breathing phase begins in 4/4 time. Breathe in on the first drum beat and then exhale so deeply during the next 3 beats that you feel no more air in your lungs. Then continue breathing in this rhythm using the whole body. As the music becomes more complex, allow the breathing rhythm to become more chaotic. Always emphasise the exhalation.

Phase 2: Expression of the Kali energy
Duration: 15 minutes
Intention: Catharsis, dynamic experience of the Kali energy

Give expression to the Kali power within you: shouting, stomping, wildness or laughter, dancing. Intuitively follow your impulses. If you want to use language, for example if you feel the need to smack, use gibberish. That is, vowels and syllables that do not belong to any language and make no sense. This way your mind can distract you less.

Phase 3: Standing
Duration: 10 minutes
Intention: To come to rest

Just stand still. Let movements and sounds come to rest and allow yourself to look inwards. Be in awareness, conscious, alert and observing.

Phase 4: Sitting or lying down
Duration: 10 minutes
Intention: To let go

Lie down or sit quietly and just be there. You can now let go of everything that was before. The gong announces the end of the meditation.

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