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Integral Online Hypnotherapy

Online Hypnotherapy

Sometimes we feel trapped in our own thoughts, emotions and behaviours. For example in partnerships, worries about the future or in old feelings from past experiences. However, there are different ways to face our personal challenges. The exchange with an external person who objectively looks at a topic from the outside can be helpful and meaningful.

What we experience externally reflects our distortions, conditioning, imprints and old wounds that have not yet processed or completed. Just like the chance to recognise the underlying causes, to deal with them and to integrate them.

Integrative online hypnotherapy via video is individually tailored and solution-focused. It can be taken up regardless of location, flexible in terms of time and without a long waiting time. This is just as effective as 1:1 sessions on site. All that is needed is a PC, smartphone or tablet.

Limits of online hypnotherapy: In acute emergencies and severe psychological crises, please consult a doctor.

Help for self-help – Which types of situations are best suited for online hypnotherapy?

Integrative online hypnotherapy encompasses the different levels of body, emotions, thoughts and awareness. It can support in finding greater understanding, clarity and access to inner knowing again in relation to an issue and transforming what is hindering the next steps.

Most people using online hypnotherapy are already reflective about their own limiting patterns of feeling, thinking and acting. However, in the busy and tumultuous everyday life they have become bogged down and want to work on themselves with professional help.

Online hypnotherapy provides support for:

In the sessions, not only current conflicts are considered, but also issues and feelings that have arisen at an earlier point in time and become acute again in a new situation.

Methods of online hypnotherapy via video

In integral online hypnotherapy we assume that we can trust life completely and that present experiences and conflicts arise to allow unfolding, growth and healing. This attitude and orientation is not about a world-distant optimism, but about engaging with what is happening here and now and taking self-responsibility for one’s own feelings, thoughts and actions.

In the sessions, different methods are adapted to the personal issue and underlying patterns of feeling and thinking, including:

  • mindful sensing and feeling
  • open exploration in the here and now
  • beliefs and identifications
  • inner images
  • family constellations
  • the inner child


Methods that are used in online Hypnotherapy:

Client-centred talk therapy

The focus is on you as a whole person, not on the problem. Your difficulties and idiosyncrasies are valued and accepted as they are without judgement. At the same time we focus on your inner and outer resources and strengths that are available.


Mental methods and techniques of cognitive behavioural therapy

The situation itself does nothing. It is our evaluative thoughts that give meaning to an event. Mental processes serve to recognise obstructive thought patterns and beliefs in everyday life itself and to counteract them directly.

What specifically goes on in the mind when we react to a situation with emotional charge in the form of fear, sadness, dejection, anger, shame or guilt? Many of the problem-solving strategies we use to deal with our problems perpetuate the conflicts rather than helping to resolve them. One reason for this is that, in addition to unconscious negative feelings, our thoughts are limited by hindering

  • attitudes
  • rules
  • values
  • requirements
  • beliefs
  • images
  • meanings
  • imprints

As a result, we evaluate the world, other people, personal experiences, our own history as well as the future and ourselves in a distorted way.
In the sessions you look specifically at stressful situations from your everyday life and the associated thoughts and resulting behaviours.


Working with the subconscious

Beneath the threshold of our everyday consciousness and ego structure lies the unconscious. All that we have experienced and lived through. Our repressed and unredeemed feelings and experiences, such as hurt, disappointment, pain, powerlessness, anger or hatred. Connected with the individual attitudes, demands and beliefs that go with them.

If experiences were stressful or overwhelming for a us and the associated feelings were not properly processed, repressed or split off, then these have the effect of a branch that has become caught in a river and is blocked from breaking free and flowing on with the river.

In the sessions, an expanded state of consciousness is established, with the help of which you can recognise the main causes of your complaints as well as unconscious conflicts and blockages and eliminate them in a sustainable way. Going beyond the conscious mind, areas of the brain that are responsible for feeling and creativity are addressed under hypnosis and that have knowledge of individually appropriate solutions.

A focusc can be on even very old stressful feelings and experiences, for example from childhood and adolescence, which still have an obstructive influence on everyday life. With the help of working with the subconcious restrictive imprints, beliefs and convictions can be released and repressed and split-off feelings can be processed and integrated. In the course of this, negative thought and behaviour patterns usually also undergo change.


Meditative methods

Guided Meditation support calming the mind and throwing off excess thoughts. This activates areas of the brain that are responsible for calm, relaxation and detachment. Various forms of meditation offer support on the path to healing and wholeness. Read more about meditation

In addition to the sessions Usui Reiki Distance Healing can be added if desired.


What is the process of online hypnotherapy via video like?

The appointments take place in 1:1 video meetings, independent of location and flexible in terms of time.

1,5h Initial meeting
(Preliminary talk (30-40 minutes) + session (50-60 minutes)

In the initial consultation we get to know each other, you describe the issue you are coming with and the associated challenges, feelings and thoughts you would like to work on.
This is followed by the hypnotherapy session. We focus on one specific topic you have chosen for the session. Within the psychological sessions, different methods and techniques are adapted to the personal concern.
Costs of the initial consultation: 180€

Online hypnotherapy sessions via video (50 minutes)
After the initial meeting you can book an appointment just as needed. From a therapeutic point of view, 2-3 sessions on one topic are useful for acute major conflicts. However, you can decide individually whether further sessions are useful for you.
Costs online hypnotherapy via video: 120€


Signing up for online hypnotherapy

Registration Step I:

Please fill out the contact form, indicating whether you would like to receive sessions by video or email. After filling out the form, click on „send“. I will get back to you within 48 hours so that we can make the next possible appointment or start the counselling via email.

Registration Step II:

The costs for the initial consultation and the online hypnotherapy by video are paid in advance by PayPal after an appointment has been made.

The costs of online hypnotherapy are not covered by health insurance at this time and must be paid by the client.


Postponement and cancellation of appointments

Appointments are binding after the client has confirmed the appointment. Appointments can be cancelled or postponed within 48 hours free of charge. If no new appointment is made after the appointment has been cancelled, the fee paid will be returned to the client’s account within 24 hours.

For sessions postponed or cancelled later than 48 hours, half of the fee will be retained. In the event of non-appearance for the online session without cancellation, e.g. because an appointment was forgotten, the full fee will be retained.